Why AC3?

Does your company have employees, managers, customers and business partners spread over the 'new dynamic Europe' ?

The new dynamic Europe is offerering tremendous business opportunites for companies in Germany. At the same time the Euro and the Financial Crisis, and the new role of the USA are serious challenges.

Here you can find the latest information on Hot European Topics, that are relevant for your company and your team consisting of team members across Europe.

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We are AC3. The Experts on Cross-Cultural Business Consulting

You can immediately benefit from the highly customized series of AC3 seminars and the real-life consulting and management experience of more than 20 years working for the largest technology company in the world.

Our seminars help to save significant € amounts by optimizing communication in cross-cultural teams, increasing customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We are happy to introduce our highly customizable AC3 seminars to you in order to meet your individual needs.

Our Customers

Consulting, Coaching and Seminars for European Cross-Cultural Business Environments.

The Focus of our consulting, coaching activities and our AC3 seminars is on:

  • Effective Communication and Interaction
  • country specific cross-cultural seminars
  • Relevant topics for managers with European teams and team members in Europe

The format is flexible and highly customizable to meet the expectations of our clients:

  • team trainings/seminars (physical onsite, virtual)
  • individual training or coaching
  • team and employee development

Value Proposition

Cross-Cultural and AC3

AC3 stands for Advanced Cross-Cultural Consulting. Therefore we are placing a lot of emphasis on covering cross-cultural elements in our AC3 seminars.

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