Cross-cultural and AC3

Any communication or marketing professional needs cross-cultural research and communication skills to be able to succeed in the future.

(Marye Tharp)

AC3 stands for Advanced Cross-Cultural Consulting. Therefore we are placing a lot of emphasis on covering cross-cultural elements in our AC3 seminars.

Cross-Cultural and AC3

In highly segmented enterprise size componies and industries, cross-cultural describes divergent company cultures. The term also describes different cultural background, the value system that people from different countries contribute to our daily business routine.

At first sight, this may sound theoretical and not relevant for the success of your company or your current project with customers and partners in Europe or abroad.

However, we offer comprehensive AC3 consulting, coaching and training services, in order to:

  • increase your cross-cultural sensibility
  • prepare for unexpected cross-cultural incidents
  • significantly improve your communication skills in English
  • provide you confidence, when dealing with other cultures
  • let you focus on the content,
  • remove barriers and fear of cross-cultural mistakes

All this will lead to a state, that you enjoy dealing with other cultures AND at the same time successfully manage your European or international projects.

Core Values AC3

AC3 Walk your talk...

In various consulting and management roles in sales, presales and technical marketing Markus Bender - CEO and founder of AC3 - has supported hundreds of customers onsite in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

To successfully run projects onsite with customers and partners in Russia, Sweden, Hong-Kong, Singapore, England, France, Italy, Turkey, ..requires the knowledge and the consideration of Cross-Cultural differences.

Topics AC3

Consulting, Coaching and Seminars in European Cross-Cultural Business Environments.

The Focus of our consulting, coaching activities and our AC3-Seminars is on:

  • Effective Communication and Interaction
  • country specific cross-cultural seminars
  • Relevant topics for managers with European teams and team members in Europe

The format is flexible and highly customized to meet the expectations of our customers:

  • team trainings/seminars (physical onsite, virtual)
  • individual training or coaching
  • team and employee development

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