Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Change is inevitable. Change is constant.
(Benjamin Disraeli 1804-1881)

In a world of constantly changing objectives,trends and measurement criteria , it is even more important to pause and look back, in order to learn from mistakes in the past for your successful future.

20 Years+ Experience of the Company Founder

Our AC3 motto:

Deliver sophisticated and innovative AC3 consulting, coaching and training services to our customers in Europe, that are proven in and relevant for European business environments.

All our AC3 services are aligned to this motto.

20 Years+ Experience

Markus Bender Profile

Senior manager with 20+ years experience in sales, presales and technical marketing at a leading, international IT company serving customers and partners in Europe.

The focus of my professional career was on managing an European team and business, the customer interaction, the exiciting development of team members, strategic planing and the change management in a constantly changing dynamic European business environment.

Markus Bender Profile