Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

(Muhammad Ali *1942)

Our AC3 service portfolio is based on 3 pillars:

AC3 ConsultingAC3 CoachingAC3 Seminar / Training

The objective for all three service areas is to significantly increase and optimize the cross-cultural communication and interaction in European business situations for our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Consulting, Coaching and Seminars in European Cross-Cultural Business Environments.

The Focus of our consulting, coaching activities and our AC3-Seminars is on:

  • Effective Communication and Interaction
  • country specific cross-cultural seminars
  • Relevant topics for managers with European teams and team members in Europe

The format is flexible and highly customized to meet the expectations of our customers:

  • team trainings/seminars (physical onsite, virtual)
  • individual training or coaching
  • team and employee development

Why AC3?

AC3 Consulting

In-depth analysis followed by guidance and expert advice without the knowitall attitude. Room for improvement is identified and tangible solutions introduced.

AC3 Consulting

AC3 Coaching

Distinct and tailored to your needs.

Learn more about our AC3 Coaching Services.

AC3 Coaching

AC3 Seminar / Training

We offer distinct AC3 seminars and trainings for managers and team members of cross-cultural teams.

Some trainings have a pure focus on language skills, so-called AC3 Language Specials.

Our training and seminar curriculum is frequently supplemented by brand-new trainings and seminars covering latest topics and industry or regional trends (e.g. AC3 - The New Dynamic Europe 2011).

AC3 seminars und trainings are:

  • NO PowerPoint Presentation Seminars
  • NO pure presentation trainings
  • NO project management seminars

AC3 seminars focus on ´ Effective Communication and Interaction in Cross-Cultural European Business Environments’.

AC3 Seminar/Training