Our Customers

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

(Michael LeBoeuf *1942)

We at AC3 enjoy assisting our customers in the development of managers and individual contributors from a cross-cultural perspective in light of the globalization and internationalization of the European business environment.

Identifying, understanding and considering cross-cultural differences when dealing with business partners, customers and team members is crucial.

Together with your management and your personel department, we carefully analyse your consulting and coaching needs to meet your requirements. This allows us to customize your individual AC3 trainings and seminars to the highest degree.

AC3 - Who are our Customers?

AC3 consulting, coaching and training services are addressing:

  • team members in cross-cultural teams
  • managers of cross-cultural teams
  • decision makers in personel departments
  • company owners

During the preparation of all AC3 trainings and seminars, industry-specific content gets special attention and consideration.

Roles of our Customers

  • members of cross-cultural teams
  • people temporarily working abroad (e.g. experts, manager, consultants,...),
  • people with long-term assignment abroad
  • people participating in foreign exchange projects (students, scientists, academics)
  • people participating in partnerships (university, urban organisations,..)
  • people, in multinational companies, international organisations
  • start-ups with European or international orientation

AC3 Customer Spectrum

Our AC3 Service Portfolio is individually tailored to the needs of our customers:

  • major enterprises (national, international)
  • SMB size German-speaking companies
    (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • government, organisations in Germany
  • private customers (incl. start-ups)

Value Proposition

AC3 and Start-ups (Existenzgründer)

Start-ups in Germany planning to set up a business with European or international customers are also contacting AC3.

By attendig AC3 seminars or using our cross-cultural consulting or coaching services, they get on track faster and effetively communicate with their customers, partners and employees right from the beginning.
A very effective short-cut, that allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Core Values AC3 and our customers

Customers also rank first, when defining our company philosophy and the core value of AC3:

  • trust in customers, partners and employees
  • respecting the personality of customers, partners and employees
  • delivery of sophisticated customer services
  • customer and partner loyalty
  • acceptance and tolerance for cultural, religious and ethical differences

Topics AC3

AC3 Customers outside Germany

Vice versa, we also receive requests from customers from outside of Germany, who have cross-cultural consulging and training requirements in order to to communicate and interact with German customers and partners.

Typical occasions are:

  • expansion on the German market
  • Merger and acquistion(M&A) situations with German companies Akquisitionen mit deutschen Firmen
  • plans to send team members or managers to Germany