Value Proposition

The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

(Albert Einstein 1879-1955)

Many successful companies are facing significant friction losses, especially in growing export markets and in cross-border deals in Europe.

Together, we can change this !

Objectives of AC3 Services

We offer comprehensive AC3 consulting, coaching and training services, in order to:

  • increase your cross-cultural sensibility
  • prepare for unexpected cross-cultural incidents
  • significantly improve your communication skills in English
  • provide you confidence, when dealing with other cultures
  • let you focus on the content
  • remove barriers and fear of cross-cultural mistakes

All this will lead to a state, that you enjoy dealing with other cultures AND at the same time successfully manage your European or international projects.

Our Services

Challenges for our Customers

In todays European business environment, we are facing situations where people from different countries, cultures and national background meet and are willing to effectively communicate and cooperate in order to jointy meet their company and project goals.

Managers and team members need to be prepared upfront for the very complex communication tasks in English - typically not their first language- in order to successfully run projects and work in teams in Europe.

In contrast to large enterprise size companies, SMB-type companies typically do not always have the bandwidth and priority to do this.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we therefore carefully customize our AC3 services (consulting, coaching and seminars) with country, industry and project specific content for your individual situation.

As a result cross-cultural projects are then more often well prepared and on time and budget. In addition customer satisfaction and communication is significantly improved.

A recipe for successful customer projects in cross-cultural European business environments.

Immediate Benefits for our Customers

Our AC3 seminars - typically conducted in English - will prepare you for the majority of daily business situations and challenges:

Customer Benefits

  • industry specific alignment of all services and content
  • improved understanding of and oral fluency in English
  • boosting your career
  • sustainable progress
  • flexible learning formats
  • customized training in small groups (max. 9 participants)
  • state-of-the-art training material

More immediate Benefits:

  • enhancing your communication 'tool box'
  • equipping you to prepare for 'unexpected' business situations
  • a guideline to successful meetings, conference calls, contract negotiations,..
  • integrating real-world business situations
  • highlighting Dos and Donts for your daily communication and interaction
  • providing keys to successful partnership
  • covering cooperation and alliances with European business partners
  • preparing you to deliver presentations at international events
  • demonstrating effective usage of IT and communication tools
    (video walls, beamer, pointer,head set,..…)
  • correct handling of confidential company information
  • Standard of Business Conduct (SBC)
  • increasing customer satisfaction
  • effective usage of product or solution demos (seeing is believing…)

  • gaining confidence
  • feel comfortable (communicating, presenting,…in a foreign language)
  • enjoy presenting

Removing Road-Blocks...Outlining Solutions

On top of primarily functional and technical trainings, many small and medium type companies, are therefore also investing in specific and tailored AC3 Cross-Cultural seminars in order to:

  • successfully finish their customer projects
  • improving customer satisfaction and
  • to motivate their teams and employees.

In contrast to other cross-cultural trainings offered by our competitors, I put a lot of emphasis on integrating more than 20 years of hands-on experience as a team member and manager of teams consisting of members from a variety of European countries and my hence gained cross-cultural competence.

Our Customers

Key to Success

Together with your management and your personell department, we carefully analyse your consulting and coaching needs to meet your requirements. This allows us to customize your individual AC3 trainings and seminars to the highest degree.

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